Our firm was founded by Galip Çakır, based in İstanbul, in 1982 with the registered trademark of STORSAN.

The firm, which intends to produce curtains for special purposes, has been working with the best manufacturers of the world. Importing its motors from German GEİGER, its mechanism and nano-technology yarns from Swiss STOMA factories, STORSAN produces the best European product, BRİSOLEY solar-shading curtains with a moving exterior.

*While producing its model which is totally absorbtive of hot and cold air and with an exterior motor,remote control and thermic, also with static powder paint, and having used the registered BRISOLEY brand to do this, it has been registered its quality with ISO 9001-ISO 14001 and CE certifications.

*Due to its model which has both SUN-SCREEN fabrics having the future of fire proof, stainless, tear proof and anti-bacterial and which is zippered ZIP on interior and exterior sides, it reduces heating costs by fifty percent in winter months and eliminates the need for air-conditioning in summer months.

* Our company is the sole manufacturer of patient bed separator curtains,which are specially designed for hospitals, with anti-bacterial finishing clothes.

 With a 700 kg/ year capacity report, we have been proud to share the rightful pride of our continuing services for 35 years with you, our users.