In 1982, we added our quality surname to our curtain name. We tried to grow. As we continue to grow, we have vowed to add value to people and our country. While we were growing up, we offered them to the users by importing products from SWEDEN and DENMARK to Turkey within the possibilities of that period.

We took the courage, and we took the lead for modern manufacturing in our country and undertook the pioneering of curtain systems with mechanism by starting the production of VERTICAL BLINDS, then ROLLER BLINDS for the first time in 1985, ALUMINIUM JALOUSIE in 1990, Wooden Blind Series in 1995.

And....We started the production of EXTERNAL MOVING SUNBLINDS in 2000, we adopted the principle of being the best in the world. By producing the best in Europe, we offered to the user to make special production from 1mm thick thermal aluminium with EXTRUSION PULL, which is resistant to impact and wind, by applying all RAL colours.

While its manufacturer STORSAN registered its BRISOLEY brand with CE certificate and its quality with ISO 9001 OHSAS 18001 certificates, in a short time, 30.000 pieces were produced in domestic and international residences, offices and institutions and many AIRPORTS.

In our application systems, we have definitely eliminated the load of air conditioning by blocking all the heat without covering the exterior view, and we have contributed to the national economy by reducing the fuel expenses by 50% in the winter season.

We are grateful for our growth with you users, and we are honoured to have hidden THE BEST QUALITY in aesthetics and elegance.

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